NFT Trading SDK
Getting Started

Sui NFT Trading SDK

The Sui NFT Trading SDK is a Typescript library which enables the ability to execute Sui NFT trading transactions across any marketplace with just a few lines of code. Embed buying, selling, bidding, and transfering functionality into your app with simple Typescript code.

Building the correct payloads in Sui can be complex, such as needing more than a dozen of transactions in a specific order just to buy a NFT. Instead of trying to figure out how to build the transaction data yourself and add custom handlers for every marketplace and collection type, just import the Sui NFT Trading SDK and call the methods you need.


Note: In order to use the Sui NFT Trading SDK, you need to pass in data from the GraphQL NFT Data API. For example to buy a listing, you just need to pass in the listing ID from a NFT Data API listings record.

Getting Started

Get API Key

Install the SDK

npm i @tradeport/sui-trading-sdk

Initialize the SDK Client

You need to pass in your API Key and API User to create an instance of the suiTradingClient. The SDK uses these headers to fetch necessary data internally from our NFT Data API in order to create the correct payload for the transaction.

import { SuiTradingClient } from "@tradeport/sui-trading-sdk"
const suiTradingClient = new suiTradingClient({
  apiKey: YOUR_API_KEY,
  apiUser: YOUR_API_USER