NFT Data API Reference

There are two main documentation tools for the NFT Data API:

  1. API Explorer

  2. Code Snippet Examples

API Explorer

The best documentation is the GraphQL schema itself. You can explore the schema and make queries directly in the API Explorer. You don't even need experience with GraphQL to use it and build queries.

Api Explorer


Note: The API Explorer by default is rate limited via demo API keys. You can expect slower performing queries and limitations on the response size. If you would like to upgrade to a production account you must get your own API key and pass it in the "Request Headers" at the top of the API Explorer page.

Code Snippet Examples

The fastest way to get started with the NFT Data API is to copy code snippets from the UI components on (opens in a new tab).

There are Code Snippet toggles all over which show you the exact queries used to build each UI component on our NFT marketplace. You can use these code snippets as examples to build your own applications. Simply wherever you see a

toggle on the upper right corner of any UI component, click on it to see the NFT Data API query that was used to fetch the data for that component. You can copy it or even run it directly in the API explorer to play around with.

See the video below for a quick demo of how to use the code snippets: