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New Look, Same Mission

Jacob HoekertJacob Hoekert
May 24, 2024|2 min read

We’re excited to introduce you to TradePort's new look. For almost three years now, TradePort has been building the most comprehensive multichain NFT aggregator for traders and developers, but we have done so under different brands: TradePort (for Sui, Near, and Stacks), Mercato (for Aptos), and (for developers). We’ve now simplified our experience by unifying all these brands under one banner, TradePort, so that trading, creating, and developing across all our supported blockchains can happen on the same platform.

When we started building TradePort, we were enthralled with the possibilities of what NFTs could become. We envision a tokenized future where NFTs will play an integral role in being a ledger of record for uniquely identifiable assets. As we’ve been building TradePort, this is the future we’ve been building for. It’s also why we've been so focused on building an infrastructure layer that is seamless  for developers to interact with and build with. The path to innovation and widespread adoption is through developers who are building the future, and our goal is to give them the tools they need to go build out each new vertical of asset tokenization.

While we're still as excited as ever about the many forms and use cases NFTs will take on in the future, we have also loved supporting the vibrant NFT ecosystem as it currently exists. NFTs have given rise to a unique form of digital communities, an entirely new class of modern art, and a new form of monetization for artists and creators. The NFT landscape, as it exists today, has grown shockingly large - it's now a $20 billion industry and was a nearly $100 billion industry at the peak of the NFT bull cycle in 2021-2022. For reference, the luxury fashion market is a $250 billion market. While we are all looking toward the growth of the NFT market, it's remarkable that they are even 10% of the size of an established, global market that is hundreds of years old.

TradePort meets the NFT ecosystem where it's at, providing a home for traders, creators, and developers to continue building out more of the vibrant communities we've seen over the past few years. For traders, we provide a comprehensive set of tools, features, and data that can help you make the best trading decisions possible. For creators, we provide an easy-to-use no-code launchpad to deploy a smart contract and launch your art onchain in minutes. For developers, we provide best-in-class infrastructure to help you build any type of NFT experience you'd like on any or all of the chains we support.

TradePort is proud to support the NFT ecosystem on not just one chain, but 4: Sui, Stacks, NEAR, and Aptos.  We firmly believe in a multi-chain world and understand that chains will specialize in different use cases over time.For this reason, we're excited to be adding Aptos to TradePort, so our users from other chains can be exposed to the innovation going on in the Aptos NFT ecosystem and vice versa. We believe this type of synergy helps each chain grow and spurs more creativity and innovation amongst developers and creators. In line with our multichain vision, we'll continue expanding beyond Aptos, Sui, NEAR, and Stacks to any and all chains with NFT activity. In fact, we're cooking something up as we speak, and we're excited for you guys to see it.

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