How to Bridge ETH to SUI

Jacob HoekertJacob Hoekert
May 9, 2023|2 min read

Getting your hands on some Sui Token has been challenging for some. If you’re unsure where to look or what to do, here’s a quick tutorial on how to bridge ETH to Sui with Wormhole.

Step #1: Head over to Coinbase and purchase some ETH. Note that ETH gas can really jump at times so make sure to account for that. Maybe you already have some ETH burning in your pocket and you want to ape into the next hottest coin. If so, proceed to the next step.

Step #2: Swap ETH for USDC on the ETH Network. There are a number of places you can do this, however, Uniswap is one of them.

Step #3: Bridge USDC ETH to the Sui network. Head over to Portal Bridge and select "ETH" as the “from network” and “SUI” as the “to network”. Your screen should look like the attachment below. Be sure to complete the "amount" section with the amount of token you'd like to swap.

Step #4: After you approve and proceed with the transaction, open the Explorer and save the link. You’ll need this for the next step. Wait for the transaction to go through.

Step #5: Redeem the token, which might be the trickiest step at all because it's one you might not expect. Head over to this link and fill out the corresponding information including the tx ID from the Explorer page you just saved. Your screen should look similar to the one below.

Step #6: Now you should have USDC on Sui in your wallet! All you need to do is finally swap USDC for Sui. There are a number of places where you can swap including Blue Move or Sui Swap.

It can be rough out there in web 3 right now. Make sure you only connect your wallet to reputable sites, jump in discords and ask for help if you get stuck, and don't forget to have fun in the process.

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