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Jun 20, 2024|4 min read


We are excited to announce that Indexer NFT Discord Bots now supports the Base blockchain - Ethereum Layer 2. With this expansion, you can enhance your community engagement through our reliable and comprehensive verification bots, marketplace alert bots, and notification system. Sign up here using code BasedSummer for free tools and supercharge your community! Also, read until the end for an additional special offer with our partners at Astronaut.

The Next Chapter for Indexer: Base and EVMs

At Indexer, we’re committed to providing the most robust and engaging suite of community tools for NFT communities. Not only are we expanding the capabilities of our bots, but we’re also expanding our tools to new communities. Our expansion to the Base blockchain marks a significant step in our journey to support more EVM-compatible chains and provide unparalleled tools for community engagement and management.

Read our recent article to learn more about Base -

What are the Indexer Discord Bots?

Our Indexer Discord Bots are designed to provide simple, reliable, and comprehensive tools to engage your community effectively. Here’s a closer look at our offerings:

Verification Bots

  1. Role Verification: Our bots ensure accurate, real-time ownership snapshots, even for NFTs that are staked or locked in escrow. Reward holders with unique access based on traits and the number of NFTs held, and empower SubDAOs with unique role access.
  2. Token Gating: Easily create, edit, and remove roles based on attributes and NFT holdings. Stay up-to-date with real-time data updates, ensuring holders never lose their roles due to staking.

Marketplace Alerts

  1. Sales Alerts: Track record-breaking sales across all marketplaces and rally your community around significant events.
  2. Listings Alerts: Incentivize secondary sales by updating your community on all listings across all marketplaces and NFT standards.
  3. Bid Alerts: Receive comprehensive market view updates whenever bids are placed on items in a collection, including solo bids and collection offers.
  4. Sniper Alerts: Cater to diligent traders by notifying your community instantly when rare, undervalued items are listed across any marketplace.

Indexer Notification System

The Indexer Notification System is a community favorite. Provide extra utility to your community by installing our notification system that alerts holders when any NFT in their wallet has sold or received a bid. These notifications appear via a discord DM, so you don’t have to continually check the marketplace for updates on your wallet.

3-Step Onboarding Process

Onboarding our Indexer Discord Bots is straightforward. Simply follow our step-by-step video guide to get started. Ensure your community benefits from the latest updates and notifications by integrating our bots seamlessly. If you’d prefer to use a written outline then follow the 3 step process below!

Step 1 - Add the Indexer Bot to your Discord

The link to add the bot is below. You can also find it in the official Indexer Discord.

Once the bot is added, an indexer-bot-config channel will be automatically created to walk you through the rest of the process. It is important that this channel remains private to admins only and you can always come back here to check the status of the bots. *Important Note - If you’d like to double-check before you install the correct bot, ensure the name is: Bot#0153

Step 2 - Add Verify Role slash command

Simply input the /add-verify-role slash command, choose the chain you’d like to add, and then the roles you want the bot to provide based on token holdings. If you have not already set up the roles in Discord, you will need to add the roles under Server Settings>Roles>Create Roles.

*Important Note - you will want to ensure the Bot is physically higher than all the other roles (with exception to the admin) if you want it to function properly.

Step 3 - Configure the Verification Channel

Execute the /configure-verification-channel slash command, choose the chain you are adding for that channel and go through the process of verifying yourself to ensure everything is ready for your community!

Indexer's Vision and What's to Come

At Indexer, our vision extends beyond supporting Base. We are committed to continuously expanding our support to more EVM-compatible chains and enhancing our toolset. Expect more updates on supporting additional channels and integrating more advanced features into our platform.


In summary, our expansion to support the Base blockchain is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled tools and support for the NFT landscape. Sign up for our free bots today using code BasedSummer and take your community engagement to the next level.

Discord Bot Application Form -

PS - Earn 3 Free Months of Astronaut with Indexer

We’ve partnered with Astronaut to provide 3 months of free access to their platform for anyone who integrates the Indexer Discord Bots into their community.

What is Astronaut?

Astronaut is an AI-powered platform designed to help you track and share your community KPIs with your teammates and stakeholders. It offers deep insights into community sentiment, engagement, and more.

Build and Share Custom Reports: Keep your team and stakeholders updated on the most important metrics for your community.

Uncover Deep Insights: Find top discussion topics, unanswered questions, most valuable members, and more.

Custom Filters: Filter by specific channels, user roles, and time ranges to create the most relevant reports for you.

Chat Feature: Ask Astronaut anything about your community – it’s like ChatGPT, fully integrated with your community platform.

Sentiment Analysis: Keep a real-time pulse on sentiment, and track satisfaction with product updates, and user support.

Connect Your Communities: Securely connect to your Discord, Slack, or Telegram community in just a few clicks, without disruption.

Got Questions?

We’re looking forward to introducing our unique suite of tools to the Base community. If you have questions about Indexer’s Discord Bots or would like to see them in action, join the Indexer Discord: